Our Social Mission

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in Snohomish County

RENEW Home & Decor is one of four HopeWorks Social Enterprises. Our mission at HopeWorks is to create pathways to self-sufficiency through our social enterprises by providing education, job training, empowerment and hope. Our paid training program provides 12 weeks of classroom and on-the-job training with a professional in the industry. Trainees learn valuable job-seeking and life skills, in addition to unique industry skills at their enterprise of choice; retail & resale from RENEW, landscaping from Ground Works, culinary from Kindred Kitchen, or childcare from Tomorrow's Hope Child Development Center. Graduates leave with hard & transferrable knowledge to acquire living-wage jobs, along with continuing education & employment assistance. Your donations, consignments, and purchases help support our job training program for those who need it most in our community.
Interested in applying, or know someone who would be interested? Fill out our application form on the HopeWorks website.

RENEW Resale + Retail Industry Skills Include

Safety Procedures | Store Maintenance | Furniture Knowledge | Inventory Control | Cashiering & POS | Customer Service | Sales & Upselling | Logistics | Hands-On Furniture Repair Restoration

Trainee Stories

Miles - In the classroom, Miles was described as a punctual, easygoing person with a quiet sense of humor. He was praised for how humble he was. He never boasted and allowed people to learn, even if he already knew what people were being taught. Miles is easy to work with and his trainers in the program endorsed his ability to work well with a team. [READ MORE]

Monique - Julie, their trainer was proud of their motivation to learn. At their graduation, Julie mentioned this. “You don’t have anything less than 110% to every project you do… You have a big heart and creative mind.” Every person who spoke for Monique at her graduation believed in her ability to succeed. [READ MORE]

Loki - Loki graduated on January 12th, 2023. At his graduation, Loki was described as intelligent, witty, and funny. By the time it was time for him to graduate it was obvious that he had gained more confidence and was surer of himself “Since the first day you came in here and to now, I’ve noticed huge personal growth from you.” Tina, the Director of Renew proudly pointed out to him. [READ MORE]

Jessica - Jessica learned to restore furniture from her family and loved to help out when she was a child. Jessica continued to restore furniture pieces and other vintage items for money. This made her feel close to her family while doing it. Jessica felt there was a piece missing to be able to gain more success. She wanted to take her restoration skills to the next level and find a way to market herself online. As Jessica searched for training programs, she came across the HopeWorks Training Program. She contacted Jerron and found that Renew would be a great fit. As she went through the program Jessica fell in love with Renew. [READ MORE]

Dennis - Once they were settled in, Dennis began his job training at Renew Home and Décor a HopeWorks’ social enterprise where he gained hands-on job training in retail and merchandising. During his program he used his carpentry skills he developed during his years of service to help fix furniture. [READ MORE]

Tina - About a year later, I met with an employment specialist with Housing Hope and entered into the Training Program at HopeWorks as a trainee at Renew Home and Decor which gave me something to do everyday. I would take the bus from Sultan to Everett and began to have more of a purpose. It helped me to rebuild my confidence and get used to being back in the workforce. [READ MORE]

Precious - In 2013, when Precious found Housing Hope she was 9 months pregnant and homeless. She found Housing Hope through a referral to help her, her boyfriend and her soon to be born daughter to get off the streets. Her daughter was born a week after getting housing. While at Housing Hope Precious was set up to interview with Callie at Renew and started her internship the following week. [READ MORE]

RENEW would like to thank our donors, consigners, and customers. Your donations, consignments, and purchases help support our job training program for those who need it most in our community. Thank you!